My First Reiki Treatment

My First Reiki Treatment

I think Reiki is such a hard thing to describe to someone because everyone has a different experience. You can say it is an energy balancing treatment or relaxation treatment but that does not even scratch the surface.

Going for my first treatment  I was a little skeptical but I do have an open mind and  will try almost anything once. Little did I know that I would walk out of the appointment a true believer!

Some people feel heat or coolness, some feel fluttering and I felt a strong heartbeat/pulse where the Energy was working hardest. I felt it in my left eye and not my right and realized that my left eye is the one with 20/40 vision and from straining, needed healing.  I did feel it stronger in some places than others, but the best part of the treatment were the after effects… I felt like I had the best massage of my live x10! And it only got better – later that evening I got such a burst of energy that I was dancing around the house singing old hip hop songs!!! I felt 18 again and my poor husband was just shaking his head and laughing!

Which brings me to my next big surprise… my husband’s reaction to his first treatment. My husband does not enjoy massages, has a very hard time meditating and quieting his mind and is always on the go. He LOVED the meditation part, was not bothered by the light touching ( he actually fell asleep even though he didn’t think he did) and left rested and refreshed. He loved it so much that he is actually telling his guys friends and pushing them to try it! It was great to see him feeling so carefree and relaxed!

I think everyone should give it a shot – what is the worst that can happen? You may feel relaxed and refreshed, maybe you have a release of pent up emotions or relief from pain or maybe you need some physical healing – It’s all good!!!!

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