Reiki – Dayton Client shares his experience

Reiki – Dayton Client shares his experience

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I often ask my clients for feedback about our services and what they enjoy most or how we may improve. This particular clients description of our Reiki services seemed good enough to share.

Sheri, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Reiki. You have gained a customer for life! I feel like my mind is at a constant million miles per hour. It is very difficult for me to unplug and shut down. As you can imagine that makes it extremely difficult to relax. On top of that I am not a big fan of strangers touching me so that rules out massage. Our Reiki session was amazing! When you started with the meditation I thought this is never going to work for me because I had so many other things on my mind I didn’t feel like it would have any effect on me. Wrong! That slowed my mind just enough to be able to fully receive the benefits of Reiki. I felt the calm the rest of that week. The only thing that could make this better is if I could get a daily session. Thank you so much. I look forward to our next appointment”


WOW. I love it when I get feed back like that. Results are typical. Reiki therapy breaks down energetic blockages. This is what my client was feeling the rest of the week. When energy is high and flowing freely throughout the body, we feel healthy, strong and ready to take on life’s challenges! I hope to introduce more people in the city of Dayton to the benefits of Reiki.

Happy New Year!


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