Your Body on Yoga…

Your Body on Yoga…

Every on knows that yoga can make you more limber and even stronger but did you know how about it’s other amazing effects on the body? Here are some other areas that benefit from this practice other than just our muscles….

Yoga Dayton Yoga Therapy Dayton

Yoga Remedy Therapist Sheri Glackin working
with her Dayton area clients



*The adrenal glands become balanced, reducing the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) produced. This hormone has been linked to belly fat and fatty cravings.



*Breathwork, movement and focusing inward all signal the parasympathetic nervous system to rest. In turn, stress is reduced and the body and brain whisper “AHHHHH”!



*Deep breathing fires up the brain’s center for thought (prefrontal cortex) making you think more clearly. One study actually shows that peopleĀ  scored higher on cognitive tests after doing yoga…

*The quiet focus helps to quiet the amygdal

a which is your emotional network, resulting in a reduction of fear, worry, anger, etc.

*The happy hormone GABA increases with just 20 minutes of mindful practice a day. It is like an all natural happy pill : )


*All of that deep breathing not only oxygenates the body, but reduces your resting heart rate as well



*By regulating the hormones and central nervous system, your immune system is boosted and you

are more able to fight off infections and free radicals



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