How yoga had made me a better runner…

How yoga had made me a better runner…

For all of you athletes out there…yoga can improve your performance more than you know!

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.







After a 3 year sabbatical from running, I decided to start up again recently. Usually my first run of the season is a tough one – stopping on every street corner out of breath and my back and knees aching for days.

This time however, I did not get out of breath – not even when I was running up hill or at my fastest pace. I felt like I could run forever! And…my back did not hurt, my knees did not hurt and I felt energized when I was done.

What I realized is that all of the breath work I have been doing has not only expanded my lung capacity, but it has balanced my ration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in my body.  And of course, the poses have gotten rid of the restrictions in my movement.


I know many people think that yoga is not really exercise like running or cycling, but it does do thing for your body that the hard core work outs can’t do.



Yoga for running
This article explains how yoga can help you be a better runner

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