If you want to find your true path, look at your past…

If you want to find your true path, look at your past…

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People ask me all of the time what made me go from a lifelong sales career into holistic wellness and after a conversation with a friend recently, I realized it was my path all along – I just didn’t know it back then. When I started looking back on my life and my interests, holistic wellness was always there in some shape or form – starting around age 12!

  • * At 12 I started doing yoga from a Raquel Welch book (there were no dvd’s back then) and fell in love with it! I continued taking classes in college (which my friends made fun of) and always made sure I did not miss my 7:30 am class – even after a late night out.


  • * When I had 4 herniated disks in my neck in my early 30’s and they wanted to do surgery, I instinctively knew that it was more stress/trauma related and the yoga, meditation and visualization would do the trick…and it did! I was pain free and had full movement of my arms and neck in 4 months.


  • * I was always interested in natural health and became a vegetarian in high school (although that did not last, it was somewhat unheard of in the country town I grew up in).


  • * I went into healthcare sales even though I hated chasing down doctors everyday to sell my products.


  • * In my early 30’s I met an intuitive who told me I need to be in the healthcare field, but not a doctor or nurse (or sales). She said it was something else but could not figure out what I should be… maybe because Reiki, Yoga Therapy, energy work & holistic healing were not that mainstream then.


  • * When I had hypertension (due to my hatred for my stressful job) I opted for Ylang Ylang and Lavender oils to bring down my blood pressure instead of going on medicine. Who knew I would be certified in Urban Zen Integrative Therapy using doTerra therapeutic essential oils in the hospital on patients & staff, in my studio with private clients and everyday in my personal life today!


  • * I eventually realized that I have always opted for herbs and oils over medicines, healthier foods and exercise, and meditation and nature were my saving grace during difficult times.


  • * I also realized that what made me the happiest in all of the jobs I had, was being able to help others.


So if you are wanting to find your path, look at your past…

  • * What brings you joy and gives you energy?
  • * What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • * What theme keeps reappearing in your life?
  • * When were you the happiest and why?
  • * Do something creative – whether you are good at it or not. Dance, sing, paint, draw, write,     garden…It will stimulate the right side of the brain and help you get out of the analytical       side so inspired ideas can come to you.


Believe me, it was hard to discard my identity of a corporate sales person and become a healer. Leaving the security of a weekly paycheck, good benefits and who I thought I needed to be was not the easiest thing to do, but finding what gives me joy and purpose makes it all worth it! And my life keeps getting better and richer the further I go down my path.

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