Life with the Biomat and Cancer

Life with the Biomat and Cancer


If my last post isn’t enough to get you to try a Biomat session, I also have my own personal story of its amazing healing abilities!

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few months ago, with the largest tumor being in his lung. He has been using the large Biomat everyday for a 3 months and recently, after his diagnosis, he decided to use the mini Biomat on top of his chest as well (this is how they are using it to treat cancer in clinics all over the world). Within a week, he noticed that he wasn’t getting out of breath any longer and his energy levels are better than they had been in years!

Luckily, with on line medical records, I have access to all of his medical test results, which I read thoroughly to gauge his progress. His CO2 Levels should be very high with the lung tumor, but they were lower than when he was healthy 2 years ago. Not only that, the week after he started using the double Biomats, his levlel dropped to the lowest number within normal range! In fact, all of his blood work is better now than it was from checkups 2 years ago!!!

I have watched him going from tired all of the time, to cleaning the gutters and shooting baskets in the driveway afterwards. I have seen my Mom’s stress level go down, along with my own. And best of all, it gives my dad the power to take his healthcare into his own hands instead of being at the mercy of his doctors and chemotherapy.  His blood works gets better every time and we have scans coming up in 3 weeks. I can not wait to see how they turn out!!

For more information on Infrared rays and their effects on metastatic cancer and immunity, click on the link below and download the free book!

The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees


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