Reiki Level I Certification

This class focuses on physical & self healing. You will learn the history of Reiki, the suggested hand positions for treatment, the chakra system and how it works. You will receive the first Attunement/Initiation which turns on the power switch and enables you to use Reiki immediately on yourself, friends, family and pets. Many students are content with the Level I degree and find it is all they need to heal themselves and others.

Upcoming Class: TBD Cost: $155.00

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Reiki Level II Certification

This degree focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level, such as removing deeply rooted systemic imbalances, negative thought patterns, addictions, etc. In this class you will learn 3 Reiki symbols, what they mean and how to use them as well as distance healing. This level of training is for those who want to deepen their spiritual practice, who practice on a regular basis, or professionals who want to bring healing work to their practice without touching their clients (i.e. psychiatrists, guidance counselors, teachers). Student receive second Attunement.

Upcoming Class: TBD  Cost: $175.00

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Reiki  Levels I & II Certification

Both certifications may be done in the same weekend.

Upcoming Class: TBD  Cost:$275

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Reiki Classes offered in Dayton, Oh
Yoga Remedy, 14 Remick Blvd,Springboro,Ohio

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